The following instructions will assist you in navigating the auction process. If you need assistance, please email the Treasurer's office at or call the Auction Administrator at (412) 391-5555, Ext 1370.

General Information

Use the tab key or your mouse to advance from field to field. Do not use the enter key to navigate the Invest in Iowa web site.

There are links at the bottom of each page that allow you to navigate the Invest in Iowa web site.

Your opinion of Invest in Iowa is important! We welcome any comments you have about Invest in Iowa by e-mail at (also see link at the bottom of each page) or by calling the Treasurer of State at 515-281-3287.

Layout of the Invest in Iowa web site

Page Descriptions

The Home Page provides you with links to the following pages: Introduction, Instructions, Guidelines, Registration, Demo, Auction, Results, and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

The Introduction Page contains a welcome.

The Instructions Page explains how to use the Invest in Iowa web site.

The Guidelines Page contains the rules and procedures for the Invest in Iowa program.

The Registration Page allows individuals from eligible institutions to register to participate in Invest in Iowa. Registration requires the following information: bidder's name, title, organization (choose your parent institution), federal tax identification number, address, phone, and fax number, e-mail address and mother's maiden name. Your registration will be acknowledged by the Auction Administrator via phone, fax or e-mail within 24 hours. Your ID number and password will be included in the acknowledgement. Multiple registrations from an eligible financial institution are permitted.

The Demo takes you to a series of pages illustrating the bidding and confirmation process. To navigate the pages, click the "Next" or "Back" button at the top of each page.

The Auction Page takes you to the Selections Page where one of four options can be chosen:
View Guidelines allows bidder to view Invest in Iowa Guidelines. Bidders must accept and agree to abide by all terms and conditions specified in the Guidelines prior to entering an auction.
View Amendments, where any changes to the auction will be listed. Bidders must view amendments (if applicable) prior to entering an auction.
Enter Trial Auction, which is a simulation of a real auction in which bidders practice bidding.
Enter Live Auction, where the bidder can choose to enter the auction for bidding purposes.
  First, log in using your ID number and password.
 Next, acknowledge that your identification information is correct and that you have read and agree to the Guidelines and amendments (if applicable). Clicking on the "yes" box after each of the three questions completes acknowledgement.
 Next, bid. The Auction Page will allow each bidder up to five bids that can be improved as many times as desired. Bids are made by entering the amount and rate of a bid and clicking on the "Submit Bid" button. This will update the time and bidder status and computes the interest due and the auction administration fee. A Verification Page will automatically appear for all submitted bids. This gives the bidder an opportunity to review the bid before it is officially recorded. If for any reason the bidder decides not to submit the bid shown on the Verification Page, he can click the "No, Go Back" button to return to the previous Auction Page without the bid being recorded. To complete the bid, the bidder must click the "Yes, Submit Bid" button on the Verification Page. Once a bid is submitted you may only increase, not reduce, the amount and rate of the bid.

The Auction Page also has a "Refresh" button that is used to update time and bidder status without submitting a bid. Bidders may use this feature to see if a bid is still "in the money". Bidders are encouraged to "Refresh" frequently so they can monitor the status of their bid. Bids "in the money" may not stay "in the money" due to subsequent bids of other bidders. Important Note: Clicking the "Refresh" button does not result in bid submission. Bids are only submitted after clicking the "Submit Bid" button on the Verification Page.

Once an auction is over, winning bidders will be brought to a Confirmation Page where they must enter their ID number and password and confirm their winning bid by clicking on the "Check to Confirm" box. The confirmation process requires ACH instructions. There will be two sections where ACH information needs to be provided. The first is for the Treasurer's Office to credit the bank for the new CD and debit the bank at maturity. The second set of instructions is to authorize ACH payment of the auction administration fee to Grant Street Group. Next, click on the "Confirm" button to complete confirmation. Then, click on the "OK" button to proceed to the Results Page. If a bid is not a winning bid, click on the "OK" button to proceed to the Results Page.

The Results Page will display official award information from the Invest in Iowa auction. This information will include a list of all bids, the awards, as well as other auction specific information. The results will be posted following each auction. Discrepancies should be reported to the office of the Treasurer of State at 515-281-3287 within 15 minutes of the posting of the Results Page. For statistical information on the auction go to the bottom of the Results Page and click on any of the various options. Previous auction results and information can be obtained as well.

The FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions) will be updated with answers to frequently asked questions as they arise.

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